Oh No! I Feel A Color Coming On



I walked into an explosion of pink and fell in love. Me. One who snubs her nose at pink clothes, pink kitchenware, pink baby items, pink ANYTHING. Now what to do?

I met two men at the Indy 500 Festival Parade. One was yelling, “We love you Anderson Cooper!” and the other was crocheting pink flowers. By the end of the parade I became their official photographer for the Gay Pride Parade coming up this Saturday. So last Sunday I went to their house to photograph the outfits they made for their walking group, Pink Pride. They live in this fabulous condo and have painted the walls the color of Mardi Gras; gold, purple, and green. Stunning. Then I went upstairs and entered a room exploding in pink; beads, netting, chiffon, and OMG the outfits. So surreal. So beautiful.

The Beginning of My Love of Pink

I was enchanted by the creativity that oozed out of these men. They love what they do and it’s infectious. I was infected with creativity. I was infected with passion. And…oh no…I wanted to own PINK! To wear pink! To be surrounded by pink! And I wanted to take the essence of these men home in a bottle of perfume so I could dab the scent of creativity on my temples when I feel uncreative. Instead, photos will have to do.

Two of Many Many Many Crocheted Pink Flowers on a Hat

I so want to show the joyful exuberance of all the outfits, but I will reserve that for another post. However, this next photo is a sneak peak of one of them.

A Sneak Peak

When I left their condo SIX hours later, I was happy and excited and I kept that smile all the next day. And even now, I smile. Pink is such a happy color.



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