365 Days of Dedication

I live in a world of metaphors, a world of patterns and archetypes, a world of stories. When I see the moon cresting the horizon, huge and looming and sitting on the road directly in front of me, I don’t see the moon and a road, beautiful though it might be. I see a journey through a nebulous region of disturbing shadows. I feel a sense of wonder, of confusion, of awe, and of fear. And I’m content with this world of metaphors. I have tried to be literal but the truth for me is that being literal is meaningless. And I live for meaning.

Over the last year I have become aware of people who dedicate themselves to doing something for a set period of time. My friend Zach, a talented photographer and videographer, started and finished Project 365: 2010 where he took a photo a day for 365 days. My poet and writer friend Jessica was inspired by the blog, “a small stone,” to write daily during the month of January. I was impressed with what they shared and the beauty of their talents. Last November I read “No Impact Man” and wondered if I could ever do something as drastic as that. The dedication to something meaningful caught me up in a longing to be dedicated to something meaningful. So over the past year I have been contemplating what it is that I can do that would be of value to me, give me meaning, stretch my abilities, and perhaps contribute somehow to other people.

I love taking photographs so I considered the 365 photo-a-day but I discovered I have a nine-day dedication limit. I thought about writing “a stone a day” but knew it wouldn’t hold me for year. I took stock of myself, analyzed myself, looked deep into myself trying to find what would keep me committed to a long-term goal. Finally, a year later, I know my answer.

I live in a world of metaphors. Simply, I will share a metaphor a day.


About Dezra Despain

Life is full of stories waiting to be revealed.

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